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Welcome to my blog, Mad Wicked Romance Reviews! My goal is to provide a reasonable mix of reviews for best-sellers and indie authors alike. I try to keep things light, swear-y, and amusing. You can go read The New York Times if you want something less crass. I prefer to bask in my crassness. 

As you may have noticed, I'm also a bit of a meme addict. Expect reviews to be full of them. I like to express myself through a combination of words and visual representations. Though I will always include the author's blurb, I often like to write my own summary of how the plot progressed (which frequently includes me inserting my own pop culture obsessions as inspiration). For reviewing purposes, I find it worthwhile to demonstrate at which points the reader's experience may differ from what is indicated in the original blurb. I try to steer clear of major spoilers unless I feel it is absolutely necessary (in which case I will issue a spoiler warning).

If you would like to submit a review request, simply send me an email at For this blog, please limit requests to contemporary romance, erotica, or paranormal romance. Include the title, synopsis/blurb, and formats your book is available in. If your book is part of a series and you are wanting a review of more than one installment, please indicate so in your email. 

Reviews will be 100% honest, including any critiques I may have of the work. Critiques do not always equal a lesser rating, however (just things I feel the readers should be aware of going in). My rating system is based solely on my enjoyment of the book. I'm not your college professor. I don't use a red pen.

While I would like to be able to respond to every email I receive, that is not always possible with the high volume of requests. If you do not receive a response, please feel free to reach out again in the future. Very often, it is simply a matter of not enough hours in the day!

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